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Dear Physician and/or Office Manager,
Our goal is to improve the quality of life for patients. Our comprehensive approach to pain management draws upon advanced techniques and treatments, as well as appropriate medications, while using conservative methods. Our interdisciplinary team works together to deliver compassionate, effective patient care in a supportive environment. Our coordinated and comprehensive pain management services include proven strategies for managing pain.

Referring Providers:

Please include with your referral letter:
Most recent office visit notes
Most recent CT/MRI reports
Patient’s demographics sheet
Copy of patient’s driver’s license and front/back of the insurance cards

Evaluation Process:

Upon receipt of your referral we will review and ensure all necessary information has been provided.
Complete referral packets are reviewed by our physician for evaluation and approval.
If approved, we will contact the patient and schedule them for an initial evaluation/procedure (Please inform patient that our office will contact them to schedule appointment upon approval.)
If denied, we will fax a denial letter to your office with a reason

Once we have evaluated the patient, the referring provider will be sent a copy of our evaluation summary, treatment plan & recommendations or operative reports if referred only for injections.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to helping to minimize the physical and emotional distress of your patients.


Konen and Associates

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